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MATRIX 2018 Tryouts
Dates, Times, Locations

Last updated:  March 6, 2018
(Updates below in this color text)

Tryouts for 2018 Matrix AAU Basketball teams will be held on the dates/times listed below.    Click here to see a list of our 2018 teams, coaches and more information about each team
Click on the "Register Online" tab toward the top right of the page to register today for Matrix tryouts!

Below is the chart for the 2018 tryouts.  This chart will be updated as any new information becomes available. 

As tryout details are determined or changed, the following table will be populated with the information applicable for each age group. 

Players are strongly encouraged to attend all tryout dates. 
Players that missed the first tryout for their age group are welcome to attend the second tryout!

** Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to check in **


Grades (Class)

Tryout #1 Tryout #2 Tryout #3

9th Grade


Tryouts Complete

2021 Black Team Formed

10th & 11th Grade

(2019s, 2020s)

Tryouts Complete

2019 Black, 2019 Green, two 2020 Black Teams Formed


3rd Grade

(2027s & younger)

Tryouts Complete

2027 Black Team Formed

4th Grade


Tryouts Complete

2026 Black and 2026 Green Teams Formed

5th Grade


Tryouts Complete

2025 Black, 2025 Green, and 2025 White Teams Formed

6th Grade


Tryouts Complete

2024 Black and 2024 Green Teams Formed

7th Grade


Tryouts Complete

2023 Black and 2023 Green Teams Formed

8th Grade 


Tryouts Complete

2022 Black and 2022 Green Teams Formed

The Matrix is in nearly daily contact with local facilities coordinators, and locations have been secured to cover tryouts.  However, please remember to regularly check the tryout schedule, as all schedules are subject to change as gym assignments can be altered at any time.

Click on Courts or the hyperlinked name of the school to get the address and/or map to all our tryout locations. 

For More Information About the Matrix AAU Basketball Program
This page and this section of the website focuses on the logistics, timing, etc. of the tryouts themselves.  For more information about the Matrix AAU program, click here to visit the Matrix AAU Program section of the website.